We would like to inform you that our company, after 25 years of broaching processing, collaborating with the main gear manufacturers for various mechanical sectors, is now able to sharpen broaching tools.
Broaches are the tools of the mechanical industry that most require very high quality sharpening, to ensure that the broach works in optimal conditions it must be sharpened correctly and sharpening must be carried out before the cutting edge is too worn. If the wear of the broach exceeds 0.15 mm, the sharpening will have to remove a greater thickness of material, compromising the life of the tool.

It is always recommended to sharpen the broach when the wear remains within 0.10 mm in order to be able to sharpen more and thus lengthen the life of the broach. We recommend not to exceed 80 meters of processing. The F.B. is equipped with specific numerical control machines to perform the sharpening of round and flat broaches ensuring the maintenance of the essential geometries given by the manufacturer.
As for the sharpening of round broaches, numerically controlled sharpening is performed, from 5mm to 200mm for a maximum length of 2100mm. As for the sharpening of the flat broaches, numerically controlled sharpening is performed from 2 mm to 30mm.

sharpening machine